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Drum gear coupling cause of product damage

Drum gear coupling in the use of various mechanical equipment in the process, the main characteristics of the coupling parts: rigidity, flexibility, no elasticity, so it is not suitable for the requirements of vibration reduction, buffering and two shaft in the strict requirements of the machinery. Drum gear coupling has strong bearing capacity. Under the same outer diameter of the inner sleeve and the big outer diameter of the coupling, the bearing capacity of the drum coupling is increased by 15~20% than that of the straight coupling on average.

Drum gear coupling damage causes:

1, in the use of couplings, shafting equipment such as diesel engine, gear box, shafting and high elasticity of the coupling in the design and use is to complement each other, the design and manufacturing level is relatively high, so that the design of the ship's quality is also high.

2, mainly because of the words and actions of the main engine shock absorber sinking, so that the coupling shafting asymmetrical situation, thus increasing the additional torque, so that the high elasticity of the coupling in the use of heat fracture accident.

3, because the range of use of coupling is relatively wide, in many industries have been used. It may be used in the wrong way in the specific case, or it is not well considered when using, which will also make the coupling in use when damaged.

The drum tooth surface of the drum gear coupling makes the relevant contact conditions of the inner tooth and the outer tooth, so that it can avoid the disadvantages of the straight tooth end edge extrusion and stress concentration under the condition of angular displacement, at the same time, the tooth surface friction and wear, reduce the noise, and the maintenance cycle is long. The angular displacement compensation is large. When the radial displacement is equal to zero, the allowable angular displacement of the straight gear coupling is 1Bor dm, and the allowable angular displacement of the drum gear coupling is 1&or dm30. Under the same modulus, the number of teeth and the width of teeth, the drum gear is larger than the allowable angular displacement of the straight teeth.