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Plum blossom coupling is the pillar industry of mechanical transmission


The coupling industry has gradually penetrated into the lives of the public. As a basic domestic component industry, it is the foundation of our country's national economy. According to the data, in recent years, China's coupling industry has maintained a trend of rapid development.

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Plum blossom coupling is the pillar industry of mechanical transmission:

The production process of the plum blossom coupling is simple, and the requirements for the working environment are not very strict. At the same time, the production requirements are simple and easy to operate. The demand for cement products on high-speed high-speed rail is relatively large. Low cost, very suitable for mass production, high precision, high strength, and many varieties, it is one of the coupling products.

As a pillar industry of mechanical transmission, plum blossom coupling has a leading position in design and manufacturing technology. Our factory focuses on the research and development and production of plum blossom couplings. It has strong technical force and innovative consciousness. Through unremitting efforts, it has proposed a coupling with high production efficiency, short manufacturing cycle, safe and reliable product performance, no deformation, Has a nice function.

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No matter what kind of coupling products, Rongxing Coupling Company fundamentally rejects the adulteration of raw materials. After inspection, they can leave the factory. The quality of the products has also laid a good foundation for the company's reputation.