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Product description for flange couplings

At present, flange coupling is also known as the flange coupling, the coupling parts in the process of production is the use of bolts to connect two flange (flange) disc half coupling, the two half coupling are connected with the key and two shafts, to achieve two shaft connection, transfer torque and movement. It consists of two half couplings with flanges bolted together, using two half coupling flange shoulder and groove pair, relying on the friction between the two half coupling contact surface to transfer torque, two half coupling with ordinary bolt connection.

Flange coupling has two main structural forms: (1) by reaming holes with bolts to achieve two shaft alignment and by the bolt rod to withstand the extrusion and shear to transfer torque; The shoulder on one half coupling is matched with the groove on the other half coupling. The bolts connecting the two half couplings can be made of ordinary bolts and class B, and the torque is transmitted by the friction torque of the joint surface of the two half couplings. Flange coupling is easy to use, can transfer a larger turn, installation of high neutral requirements, mainly used for good rigidity, low speed, stable load occasions.

In recent years, the flange coupling designed by various transmission manufacturers does not have radial and axial sentences and angular compensation performance. If it cannot be connected to the accuracy of the two shaft pairs, it will reduce the service life of the coupling, transmission accuracy and transmission frequency, and cause vibration and noise. All bolts on the flange can be hinged hole bolts or half of them can be hinged hole bolts and the other half can be ordinary bolts according to the size of the transmitted torque.