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Precautions and types of coupling hot installation

Coupling is different from other couplings, its installation can be installed in the case of machine cooling, can also be installed when the machine is running, between which there will be a lot of problems, we must be careful, then in the hot loading, we should pay attention to what problems? Let's find out.

Couplings often possible accidents are:

1. Coupling axis skew, coupling not into: In order to prevent this kind of accident, in addition to the alignment of the axis, coupling hole and shaft position, the position of the block to be correct, but also pay attention to the location of the impact point to be selected, the second to be light, to enter a distance (about 1/3), before the force to strike. If the system is really crooked and cannot be calibrated, it should be pulled out after reheating, and do not ram into it again. 2. Other accidents may be: block pulley due to the position is not tight and backward, hoist chain slip down, fuel shortage, fire alarm, etc., should be paid attention to in advance, and carefully checked in the tool preparation and operation training stage. 3. When bearings, mechanical seals and other components have been installed on the spindle in advance, it is forbidden to strike and impact the coupling forcefully to prevent damage or damage to the parts.

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Coupling hot installation precautions:

Because the hot installation of the coupling is carried out in a state of high temperature and tension, it is necessary to have a full estimate of possible problems, and should try to avoid them in advance. If they happen, they will not panic on the spot and take timely measures to deal with them. First, make each operator understand the operation steps, so that the division of labor is clear, and stick to the post in the event of any accident. Secondly, it is required to calibrate the axis of the coupling horizontally or vertically, and align the position of the coupling hole and the shaft end. Adjust the position of the bump block carefully, carefully and correctly.

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Type of coupling:

The two shafts connected by the coupling, due to manufacturing and installation errors, deformation after bearing and the influence of temperature changes, will cause changes in the relative position of the two axes, and often cannot be strictly aligned. According to whether the coupling has elastic elements, whether it has compensation ability for various relative displacements, that is, whether it can maintain the connection function under the condition of relative displacement and the use of the coupling, the coupling can be divided into rigid coupling, flexible coupling and coupling. The main types and characteristics of couplings and their role in the role of the transmission system Remarks Rigid couplings can only transmit motion and torque, and do not have other functions including flange couplings and sleeve couplings.