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There are three main reasons to shorten the life of drum gear coupling

Brief introduction:

Company manufacturers in the production of drum gear coupling work above strict requirements, in our factory purchased drum gear coupling customers know that drum gear coupling high quality, good after-sales service attitude. However, there are also individual customers in the operation of the drum gear coupling life is shortened, Xiaobian to tell you what how to use will accelerate product damage.


Damage causes of drum gear coupling:

1, in the use of couplings, shafting equipment such as diesel engine, gear box, shafting and high elasticity of the coupling in the design and use is complementary to each other, the level of design and manufacturing is relatively high, so that the quality of the design of the ship is also high.

2, mainly because the words and actions of the main engine shock absorber sinking, so that the coupling shafting asymmetrical situation, thus increasing the additional torque, so that the high elasticity of the coupling in the use of heat fracture accident.

3, because the use of coupling is wide, in many industries are widely used. It may be used in the wrong way in the specific case, or it is not well considered when using, which will also make the coupling in use when damaged.

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To sum up:

To buy the drum gear coupling to Hebei Rongxing Driving Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., we will improve the quality of the drum gear coupling on the basis of preferential prices. Our manufacturer of drum gear coupling are sold everywhere, the reputation of the product is also very high. We will also give you a specific explanation of the correct use of the product, will not cause the drum gear coupling life shortening.