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There are too many standards for tire couplings, which promotes production speed


At present, in China, there are many types of tire couplings on the market. This phenomenon is ultimately due to the rapid development of the coupling industry in my country, and the standard level of use is very high; there are almost 90 couplings in my country and industry standards. So many standards have greatly promoted the application and production of domestic couplings.

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Quality problems and classification of tire couplings:

Although there are so many types of tire couplings on the market, some manufacturers still have a big gap in terms of product processing accuracy, required quality and service life. Some can only reach the level of the 1980s. The reasons are undoubtedly the following three: one is related to the form, scale and management level of the organization of production; the other is that the processing equipment is relatively old, the production efficiency is low, and the processing accuracy is poor; detection.

The tire couplings produced by machinery manufacturers are divided into two types: convex type and concave type, and the convex type is divided into three types: integral type with skeleton, integral type without bone and radial incision type. The inner side of the tire is bonded with the steel frame by vulcanization method, and the bolt holes on the frame are welded with nuts. During assembly, bolts are used to connect the flanges of the two halves of the coupling, and the torque is transmitted by the friction generated between the tire and the end face of the flange by tightening the bolts.

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There are many types of tire couplings produced by our factory. Due to the limited setting of the website, only a few display pictures of tire couplings can be placed; do you think you see these? ! Of course not, only what you can't think of, there is nothing you can't choose, let you choose and buy as much as you like in the machinery factory. Undertake the customized business of non-standard couplings.