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Flange coupling manufacturers sell at low prices


The flange coupling is the main product of the manufacturer, the product model size, the timeliness of our company's after-sales service department's response is fundamental to the flange coupling manufacturer constantly developing and innovating products that meet customer needs according to the market. If you want to know how good our products such as flange couplings are, and how good our services are, come to Rongxing to have a look.

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Flange coupling manufacturers low price:

The flange coupling (also known as the flange coupling) is to use bolts to connect two flanges (flanges) disc half couplings, and the two half couplings are respectively connected to the two shafts with keys to realize the two shaft couplings. Joints that transmit torque and motion. The flange coupling has simple structure, convenient manufacture, low cost, reliable operation, easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance, large transmission torque, and high alignment accuracy with the two shafts. It is generally used for stable loads, Shaft transmission with high speed or high transmission accuracy requirements. Flange couplings do not have radial, axial and angular compensation.

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Although the flange coupling produced by our honor is simple in structure and low in cost, it is durable. If you need high-strength coupling products, please contact us. We sincerely hope that you can buy flange couplings with low prices at ease!