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Analyze the types and functions of tire couplings

Tire couplings allow efficient manipulation of the drivetrain. Although the production is simple, its performance is unmatched by other couplings and has its own characteristics. Let's take a look at its functions and types!

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The function of the tire coupling:

It is used to connect the two shafts together. The two shafts cannot be separated when the machine is running. Only after the machine stops and the connection is disassembled can the two shafts be separated.

Types of tire couplings:

The two shafts connected by the tire coupling, due to manufacturing and installation errors, deformation after loading, and the influence of temperature changes, will cause changes in the relative positions of the two shafts, and often cannot be strictly aligned. According to whether the tire coupling has elastic elements, whether it has the ability to compensate various relative displacements, that is, whether it can maintain the connection function under the condition of relative displacement, and the use of the tire coupling, etc., the tire coupling can be divided into LB type Tire Couplings, LA Type Tire Couplings and UL Type Tire Couplings etc.

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Each coupling has unique performance, which also fills the gaps in couplings accordingly. When purchasing, you should choose the type according to your own use; Rongxing's manufacturer provides you with various types of couplings, which can be customized. Users are welcome to come to buy.