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For the future development of diaphragm couplings


Rongxing Diaphragm Couplings belong to flexible couplings, and so far, it is a product that replaces ordinary couplings, because it has good compensation performance, which determines its status!

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The future development of diaphragm couplings:

The diaphragm itself is thin so that it flexes easily when relative displacement loads arise, and thus can tolerate misalignments of up to 1.5 degrees while producing low bearing loads in the servo system. Diaphragm Couplings are often used in servo systems, and the diaphragm has good torque rigidity. On the other hand, it is delicately made and can be easily damaged if misused in use or not installed properly. Therefore, it is very necessary that the deviation is within the tolerance range of the normal operation of the coupling. Choosing a suitable coupling is a key step in using the coupling well. It is necessary to consider what type of coupling to choose during the design stage.

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Until now, the diaphragm Couplings produced by Rongxing have been widely used in more developed countries and exported to foreign countries. At the same time, we also hope to improve the development speed and quality of our industry. After continuous research and development and innovation by our technical staff, it has already produced its own performance, which is more durable than ordinary diaphragms, shock absorption, no noise, no wear, easy to disassemble and assemble, a good brand is trustworthy.