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Why should the drum gear coupling be treated with lubrication technology?

To ensure the safe and reliable operation of the drum gear coupling, good lubrication must be ensured, and lubrication can slow down wear.

Lubrication method of high-speed drum gear coupling:

Most high-speed drum gear couplings are lubricated with lubricating oil.

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Lubrication process:

1. The lubricating oil needs to be filtered by a high-precision oil filter;

2. Filtration is less than 10 microns;

3. The tooth surface requires continuous lubrication;

4. The high-speed drum gear coupling is sometimes lubricated with the structure of the oil collecting groove.

5. With the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed operation of the drum gear coupling, the oil is sprayed into the meshing part of the internal and external teeth.

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The role of lubrication:

1. The contact condition is improved, the friction and wear of the tooth surface are reduced, and the noise is reduced.

2. Prolong the service life of the drum gear coupling;