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How to reduce the crack problem of snake spring coupling

The production technology of snake spring coupling is relatively special. The curved tooth surface on the snake reed and the outer tooth sleeve is complicated in shape, so it is difficult to manufacture. In the manufacture of snake reed, it is not only necessary to have more forming molds, but also difficult to meet the design requirements in dimension accuracy. The forming of the snake spring is achieved by using the mold under the condition of heating, and then heat treatment. In the heat treatment, the circular arc of the reed is prone to small cracks and other problems.

Snake spring coupling

In order to reduce the fracture of snake reed, we should strive to do the following:

(1) Pay attention to adjusting the concentricity error and Angle error between the two shafts of the connecting snake spring coupling, and try to be smaller than the design requirements.

(2) improve the quality of the spring sheet. Special attention should be paid to the material, hardness, heat treatment quality, etc., there should be no cracks and other defects after heat treatment, pay attention to the sharp Angle and edge of the reed and tooth Angle); Improve the machining quality of curved tooth surface.

(3) Reasonable selection of grease, can not use dilute lubricating oil, and the application of large viscosity aluminum disulfide grease.

(4) to control the load, not overload use; Reduce the frequent action of brake smell, especially emergency brake.

(5) In the renewal, should use the new elastic rod pin type coupling.

The above is the solution to the crack problem of the snake spring coupling. Because the hot loading of the coupling is carried out under high temperature and tension, it is necessary to have full estimation of the possible problems. In advance, we should try to avoid them. To make each operator understand the operation steps, do a clear division of labor, in the event of an accident to stick to the post. Second, it is required to calibrate the axis of the coupling horizontal or vertical, align the hole of the coupling and the position of the shaft end. Adjust the position of the collision block to be careful, serious, correct.