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SL cross slide coupling product function

During the design process of the SL Oldham coupling, the three-part design of the coupling components actually limits its ability to compensate for axial deviation, such as cannot be used in push-pull applications. At the same time, because the central slider can be floated, the movement in two axes ensures that the slider will not fall off. The non-metallic slider used in the SL Oldham coupling also has an electrical insulating effect and can be used as a mechanical fuse. When the slider of the engineering plastic is damaged, the transmission will be terminated, thus protecting the precious mechanical parts. This design is suitable for large parallel relative displacements. The SL Oldham coupling is composed of two bushings and a center slide. As a torque-transmitting element, the central slide is usually made of engineering plastics, and other materials, such as metal materials, can be selected in special cases. The central slider is connected together by the 90° oppositely distributed card grooves on both sides and the shaft sleeves on both sides, so as to achieve the purpose of transmitting torque. The center slider and the shaft sleeve are fitted with a slight pressure, which enables the coupling to operate with zero clearance during the operation of the equipment. Over time, the slider may lose its non-recoil function due to wear and tear, but the center slider is not expensive and easy to replace, and it can still play its original performance after replacement. SL cross slide coupling is often used in common motors, and can also be used to connect servo motors in individual occasions. During use, the relative displacement is corrected by the sliding of the center slide. Because it is the friction between the slider and the bushing that resists the relative displacement, the bearing load between them will not increase due to the increase in the relative displacement. Unlike other types of coupling parts, the SL Oldham coupling is designed without an elastic element that can work like a spring, so the bearing load will not increase due to the increase in the relative displacement between the shafts. big. In any case, this series of couplings is more valuable. The ability to choose sliders of different materials is a big advantage of this coupling. Generally speaking, one type of material is suitable for zero clearance, high torque rigidity and high torque. In other cases, another class of materials is suitable for low-precision positioning, does not require zero clearance, but has the function of absorbing vibration and reducing noise.