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Custom plum couplings which good?

Custom plum couplings which good?

In order to improve the visibility of the company and the product, but also to ensure the image of the product and practical for a long time, our company uses wooden packing to maximize its use value. Professional production of plum couplings manufacturers, can be customized according to the requirements of production, add their own company LOGO, enhance the image. Our company specializes in the production of diaphragm coupling

Choose certified plum couplings, use will make you more at ease. Can you export your products to Europe, The United States, Japan escort, with it you still need to worry about the packaging of export products?

Plum couplings are also suitable for the transmission of petroleum machinery equipment, new materials, stable quality; Beautiful and durable, give a good impression.

In processing design, the use of lathe processing, after turning, milling, broaching and other processing methods, and then through the overall heat treatment, in order to ensure sufficient mechanical strength; Long service life, large bearing capacity, no lubrication, less maintenance work is the advantages of this coupling.