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The main characteristics and application analysis of the cross universal vehicle


The cross universal joint is also called the cross universal drive shaft. It consists of two Hooke joints, a transmission spline, and two bushings. The Hooke joint consists of a cross shaft and two prongs. Roller bearings are installed on the journal of the cross shaft. The cross universal coupling can connect the intersecting shafts with a large angle of intersection or the parallel shafts with a long radial distance, and can change the angle of intersection during operation. Cross shaft universal coupling, also known as universal joint, is suitable for connecting axes to transmit motion and torque. This kind of coupling has the advantages of large transmission power and tight structure, and is widely used in transmission devices such as rolling mills.

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The main features of the cross shaft universal coupling are:

1. It has a large angle compensation capability.

2. The structure is compact and reasonable. The SWC-BH type adopts integral fork, which makes the carrier more flexible.

3. Large carrying capacity. Compared with other types of shaft couplings with the same slewing diameter, the torque it transmits is larger, which is particularly suitable for mechanical equipment with limited slewing diameters.

4. Transmission. Its transmission efficiency reaches 98-99.8%, which is used for high-power transmission and energy saving.

5. The coupling is easy to operate, stable to carry, low in noise, and easy to assemble, disassemble and maintain.

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