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XL star elastic couplings drawing and model list

XL star elastic couplings are available in many models and sizes, so it is important to know the product before purchasing. The star elastic coupling is made of engineering plastic as elastic element, which is suitable for connecting two coaxial lines of the drive shaft system. It has the properties of compensating the relative offset of the two axes, buffering, shock absorption and wear resistance. It is widely applicable to the occasions, and the transmission torque is 20-35,000.n.m., the working temperature is -35-+80 degrees Celsius and it is interchangeable with the ROTEX coupling of Germany. The polyurethane elastomer is limited by the convex claw block, which can avoid the internal deformation caused by impact and the external deformation caused by centrifugal force; The concave surface of the convex claw makes the surface pressure on the involute teeth very small. Even if the teeth are overloaded, the teeth will not wear or deform.

The above is the drawing parameters and models of XL star elastic coupling. You can choose different specifications and sizes according to requirements when you choose. Rongxing's main products: Flange couplings, drum gear couplings, tire couplings, diaphragm couplings, star elastic couplings, club-shaped elastic couplings, cross slider couplings, roller chain couplings and more than 1000 kinds of specifications.


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