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Load working capacity of rubber tire couplings

Rubber tire coupling is a kind of coupling whose shape is similar to that of automobile tire. Tire coupling is a rotating shaft and driven shaft connected with mechanical system software, which is used to transmit the driving force of mechanical factors. Basically, all production and manufacturing machinery are used. The basic function of the coupling is to digest and absorb the axial force, inclination and radial deviation of the two axes, and transmit the driving force smoothly. Performance mechanical equipment on the coupling of metal material coupling as the leading, divided into metal material spring type and compression spring type. Because the backward damage and backlash of rubber tire couplings do great harm to the recovery and accuracy level of mechanical system software, attention should be paid to the application.

Rubber tire coupling

When using rubber tire coupling, we should focus on the selection of coupling from the perspective of shafting transmission system and must. We should prevent the simple selection of coupling considering the main and driven end connection. Because the structure and raw materials are not the same, the coupling used for each mechanical commodity transmission device, its load capacity is very different, the type of load is mainly for the work of the machine in the work of the impact of the load, vibration, positive and negative, braking system, often run and other reasons and produce different types of load. Power machine to work in the middle of the machine, according to one or more different types of forms, specifications and models of the couplings will be connected to the master and slave ends, generating shafting transmission device. In the mechanical transmission system, the power machine is no more than the motor, gas turbine and small steam turbine. Because the power machine principle and organization are not the same, its mechanical characteristics are very different, some run stably, some run with impact, and produce different harm to the transmission device. The mechanical characteristics of power machine have corresponding harm to all transmission devices. Different types of power machine, because their mechanical characteristics are not the same, should choose the corresponding power machine index. The type of power machine is the basic element of choosing the type of rubber tire coupling, the output power of power machine is one of the key basis for specifying the size of the coupling specifications, models and sizes, and the coupling pitch is positively related.

The above content is the relevant information about the load working capacity of the rubber tire coupling. The rubber tire coupling is suitable for wet, dusty, impact, vibration, variable positive and negative rotation and frequent starting working conditions. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, does not need lubrication, and is durable and reliable. Haipeng manufacturers can customize non-standard products according to different requirements of customers.


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