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Development goals of the diaphragm coupling industry


The main function of diaphragm coupling is to connect two shafts or shafts and rotating parts to transmit torque and motion, including power transmission, shaft transmission, high-speed transmission and unequal speed motion, and is widely used in shaft transmission of various mechanical devices . Driven by the development of various fields such as fans, compressors, hydraulic pressure, petroleum, printing, textiles, chemicals, mining, metallurgy, and aviation, the development level of my country's transmission industry has been significantly improved. These factors have made the development of the mold market more and more effective.

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Development of the diaphragm coupling industry:

The development of the diaphragm coupling industry requires internal training and external training to improve oneself. The first thing to do is to change the concept, establish a long-term development concept and formulate feasible development goals. How to win the recognition of users requires us to start from the quality and price of coupling products, master advanced body technology, optimize and improve product quality, and gradually develop corporate influence.

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The diaphragm of Rongxing's diaphragm coupling is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, punched into a four-hole square or six-hole plum blossom shape and then riveted together, so the diaphragm coupling is reliable in quality, flexible, long in life and has excellent Features such as anti-torsion deformation ability, which are not available in general coupling diaphragms.


Note: The production certificate of the diaphragm coupling is marked on the outer packaging, and the product model, name, quantity, etc. are indicated, and it is consistent with the packing list.


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