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Performance matching is the development requirement of tire coupling

Performance matching is a requirement for the development of tire couplings:

Performance matching is the node of the cost-effective competition of couplings, and it is also the embodiment of the technology of coupling manufacturers, and it is also the gospel of coupling users and the coupling industry. Whether it is the same type of tire coupling or drum gear coupling, the strength performance indicators suitable for different transmission equipment are different, but the nominal torque of the same type of coupling is basically the same, this is because The coupling is a torque transmission component composed of two half couplings and coupling accessories. The nominal torque of the coupling is the basis for the design and manufacture of transmission equipment, and plays the role of torque transmission and overload failure. The torque transmission connection element of the two halves of the coupling should be its coupling accessories, and the strength of the two halves of the coupling should match the overall strength of the specific transmission equipment. User communication and coordination are completed.

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For example:

For example, the material of the two halves of the drum gear coupling and the corresponding heat treatment process are different, the strength of the two halves of the coupling is different, and the price and quality of the corresponding coupling are even more different. The same is true for the cast steel material and forging material of the shaft device and whether there is corresponding quenching and tempering treatment. Of course, it is understandable that the strength of the two halves of the coupling is higher than the overall strength of the transmission equipment. However, the price of such a coupling will be high, making it difficult for users to accept the coupling. Matching is the node where coupling manufacturers compete.

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