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What is the material structure of the diaphragm group of the diaphragm coupling?

Diaphragms for diaphragm couplings come in a variety of sizes.

Coupling manufacturers introduce you to the diaphragm forms as follows:

4 hole, 6 hole, 8 hole, 10 hole and 12 hole, continuous multilateral ring, ring, separation connecting rod shape, spoke, formed diaphragm, waveform diaphragm, etc.

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Continuous multilateral ring, ring characteristics:

Each coupling is composed of a plurality of equal thickness diaphragm, each outer edge has a good circular elasticity, simple shape, easy processing, but poor elasticity, in addition, the elasticity of the small edge is better than the elasticity of the side, but if the number of sides is too small, the stability of single-sided operation will be reduced, only half the transmission distance of the edge of the ring.

Separation connecting rod shape features:

Each diaphragm is composed of a single thin rod, the rod shape is simple, easy to manufacture, but the hole spacing, its working performance is basically the same as the continuous multilateral ring, but the strength and speed are low, suitable for limited size occasions. Coupled diaphragm material is a key component for requirements, high fatigue, heat resistance and performance. The diaphragm material is generally 304 stainless steel.

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And finally:

After understanding the general form of diaphragm in the middle of diaphragm coupling, you may want to ask: Is there a standard value for diaphragm thickness of diaphragm coupling? In fact, there is no standard for the diaphragm thickness of the diaphragm coupling, the thickness of the diaphragm is calculated, but the force of the diaphragm is more complex, and can only be analyzed by finite element. In our country, the calculation of diaphragm thickness is less, which is mainly obtained through measurement and mapping products. After the introduction of products, there is gradually no uniform standard, which is calculated according to the selected materials.