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Gear coupling gears form a closed loop with good effect

The technical condition of the gear coupling will change during use, and abnormal conditions will appear, such as being 

dirty, loose, leaking, or missing. If not repaired in time, the gear coupling will inevitably wear out prematurely or malfunction. 

leading to an irreversible situation. Maintenance is to replace worn or damaged components to restore the effectiveness of 

the gear coupling. Especially when the machine is aging, maintenance operations are more important. The utilization rate of 

gear couplings needs to be determined by maintenance conditions. The gear coupling is composed  of an inner ring gear 

with the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling with external teeth. The gear  coupling is based on the spur gear 

coupling and absorbs advanced foreign technology. The new gear coupling developed. It is a meshing pair  consisting of an 

external gear sleeve with a drum-shaped tooth thickness and a matching internal gear gear, which connects two shafts. It is 

suitable for heavy loads and two-axis transmission that requires axis displacement compensation. The gear coupling has the 

characteristics of compensating the above-mentioned displacement, reducing the additional load caused by the axis 

displacement, improving the working stability and reliability of the transmission device, thereby extending the service life of 

the transmission device.

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Coupling is a semi-moving half coupling with internal gears, which form a closed circuit with the gears. The maximum width 

of the radial groove is slightly smaller than the thickness of the elastic element bundle to ensure that the elastic element has 

pre-tightening after being installed in the radial groove. As the distance between gears decreases, the rigidity of the 

coupling increases. The elastic element will work in a bending state, and at the same time the sheet bundles will undergo 

relative  shearing, which will make it possible for the coupling to obtain certain nonlinear characteristics to ensure that the 

coupling has large elastic vibration damping performance. As the driving coupling rotates, the gears interact with each other 

and the gears transmit torque through the shaft to the driven half coupling. At this time, the two half couplings will work with 

some relative rotation.

The gear coupling also has very good buffering properties. When there are frequent changes in load startup, the coupling 

needs to be buffered. This not only achieves good shock absorption, but also avoids the impact of the prime mover to the

greatest extent. Being injured can also avoid damage to working machinery and avoid unnecessary impacts and economic 

losses. Therefore, it is indeed very critical in the actual application process and brings good use effects.


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