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Characteristics of tire couplings

tire coupling is a device that connects a mechanical device to a vehicle's tires. This enables drive and transmission of torque. 

It usually consists of several parts, including the tire flange, the central panel and the connecting rod, through which the 

connection is completed. Tire couplings are one of the components widely used in industry, especially in automobile 

manufacturing and other heavy-duty transportation vehicles.

1. Characteristics of tire couplings

The biggest feature of the tire coupling is that it can ensure the safety of the components under high load conditions while 

reducing the vibration and noise of the machine. In addition, it has the following advantages over traditional clamp-on 


No need to worry about glitches:

Compared with clamp-type transmissions, tire couplings do not need to consider the impact that wear may have on electrical 


pneumatic systems, and their performance is always very stable and reliable.

More suitable for different road conditions:

Whether it is city roads, country roads, or even uneven mountain roads, tire couplings have excellent performance. This makes 

it one 

of the top choices for general industrial power transmission equipment.

Longer service life:

Because it doesn't have many wearable parts, a tire coupling typically lasts much longer than other devices. This means 

reduced maintenance and replacement parts costs while reducing mechanical breakdowns.

2. Tire coupling specification classification

There are several ways to classify tire couplings. The most common classification of tire couplings is based on load, power and 


According to load:

Light duty tire couplings (for small cars) and heavy duty tire couplings (for large trucks and trailers).

According to power:

Measured according to the torque and rotational speed of the drive shaft, it is usually called P1 or P2 type.

According to speed:

According to the speed of tire couplings, they are divided into low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed tire couplings.

3.Application occasions of tire coupling

Tire couplings are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as cars, trucks, excavators, port handling machinery, large 

road rollers and many more. Its biggest advantage is that it can withstand larger loads than other speed conversion devices, 

while having a longer service life and less maintenance requirements.

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