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The feature of diaphragm coupling

diaphragm coupling is a coupling in which several sets of diaphragms, that is, stainless steel sheets, are 

interconnected by bolts and the like. Each group of diaphragms is composed of several stacked diaphragms. 

The diaphragm is divided into two different forms: connecting rod type and whole piece type. The 

compensation principle of the diaphragm coupling mainly relies on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm 

to compensate for its relative displacement. The diaphragm coupling has a long service life, a relatively compact 

structure, is not affected by temperature and dirt, and has high acid and alkali resistance. 

It is suitable for shaft transmission systems with corrosive industrial applications.


The compensation principle of the diaphragm is mainly to compensate for the manufacturing and installation 

errors and deformation load-bearing conditions that occur when the machine is running, as well as the radial 

and angular offsets caused by the increase and decrease of temperature. And because the diaphragm 

coupling is an elastic element flexible coupling, its own properties are elastic cushioning, no noise and no 

lubrication. It is an ideal product for general couplings today. The production of diaphragm couplings is 

composed of at least two sleeves or one diaphragm. Because the diaphragm is professionally nailed to the 

sleeve, there will generally be no looseness or two diaphragms. conflict with each other. Of course, there are 

also some manufacturers that provide us with two or three diaphragms with one or more rigid components 

in between. In this way, diaphragms are divided into single-piece diaphragm couplings and double-piece 

diaphragm couplings. The difference between them is that they can skillfully handle various deviation problems 

and compensate for the problem of center deviation at one time. The diaphragm is the core component of the 

diaphragm coupling product. The diaphragm can be divided into many forms according to its shape, but the 

basic compensation principles are the same. It plays an extremely important role in water pumps, hydraulic 

machinery, aviation and other fields.


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