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How does a universal coupling make two shafts move on the same plane?

Universal coupling is a transmission device widely used in the mechanical field. It is mainly used to connect 

the output shaft and the input shaft. It has the advantages of being able to transmit high torque, large rotation 

angle, and smooth operation. It is widely used in industrial production.

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The device enables two axes to move in the same plane, mainly through the special design of the internal 

and external bearings. The inner bearing is installed on the drive shaft and the outer bearing is used on the 

driven shaft. When the universal coupling works, the inner bearing and the outer bearing are connected 

through some "transmission tools", which can be partially cylindrical wheels or spherical wheels. Whenever 

the drive shaft rotates, the transfer tool transfers the rotation to the external bearing, which drives the driven 

shaft into continuous motion. This design allows the device to place the two axes at different angles or 

positions while keeping both axes moving in the same plane. In addition, the design of the Universal coupling 

also allows the transmission of torque and motion even if the two shafts are misaligned. This design allows 

the device to be widely used in various mechanical systems that require the transmission of torque to another 



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