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Does the temperature change of universal-joint coupling affect installation?

Due to the influence of manufacturing and installation errors, deformation after loading and temperature changes, the two axes connected to the universal joint coupling will cause changes in the relative position of the two axes, and often cannot guarantee a strict middle. According to whether the universal joint coupling has elastic elements, whether it has compensation ability for various relative displacements, that is, whether it can maintain connection function under relative displacement conditions, and the use of the universal joint coupling. Universal-joint coupling can be divided into rigid coupling, flexible coupling and safety coupling. The universal joint coupling is used to connect the two axes together, and the two axes cannot be separated when the machine is running.

Universal-joint coupling

Flexible universal joint coupling has different degrees of axial, radial and Angle compensation performance, with different degrees of vibration reduction and buffering functions to improve the working performance of the transmission system, including a variety of non-metallic elastic components and metal elastic components. Universal-joint couplings transmit motion and torque, overload safety protection, universal-joint couplings have different degrees of compensation performance.

The inner and outer surface layer is rubber material, and the middle layer is four layers of composite material. The direction of the curtain line is cut into 45 layers by wire and each layer is laid orthogonal. The elastic characteristics of the four layers of composite material are different, and it needs to be layered. The shape dimensions of the universal joint coupling, that is, the large radial and axial dimensions, must be within the installation space allowed by the mechanical equipment. Should choose easy installation and disassembly, no maintenance, long maintenance period or easy maintenance, wear parts replacement without moving two axes, convenient adjustment in the middle of the shaft.


It is difficult to adjust the two-axis alignment of large machines and equipment, and the shaft connector with good durability and easy replacement of wearing parts should be selected. Generally, the service life of the flexible universal joint coupling is longer than that of the non-metallic elastic element, which requires sealing lubrication. The use of the durable universal joint coupling will inevitably increase the maintenance workload. For long-term continuous operation and high economic benefits, universal-joint couplings are widely used in the high-speed end of rolling mill transmission system in metallurgical enterprises. Universal-joint coupling transmission torque is large, but must be in good lubrication and sealing conditions durable operation. Check the sealing condition frequently, inject lubricating oil or grease, maintain a large workload, increase the auxiliary working time, reduce the effective working time.

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