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Engineers explain the structure and installation principles of diaphragm couplings

Our company provides customers with services such as selection and design of diaphragm couplings. Today, from 

the perspective of a technical engineer, we will share with you the structure and installation principles of diaphragm 

couplings. If you want to use diaphragm couplings, Before that, it is necessary to understand the physical structure 

of the diaphragm coupling, which is more helpful for understanding the working principle of the diaphragm coupling. 

Its physical structure mainly consists of stainless steel metal sheets, two half couplings, intermediate sleeves, pressing 

elements, bolts, lock nuts, limit washers, etc.

The main structure of the diaphragm coupling is on the stainless steel diaphragm, which plays a flexible role. The 

structural torque of the stainless steel diaphragm coupling is input from the active end half coupling, and the torque 

is transmitted to the front-end flexible steel plate group through high-strength bolts arranged at intervals along the 

circumference, and then the flexible steel plate group is transmitted to the front end through high-strength bolts. The 

middle sleeve is also output by the flexible steel sheet group, high-strength bolts and driven half coupling at the rear 



The diaphragm is not a simple piece. It is a combination of multiple layers of stainless steel sheets that are used to 

transmit torque and offsets from multiple directions. The thickness of stainless steel sheets is generally selected 

depending on the torque and working conditions, generally 0.35~1.20mm, and its shapes include ring type, connecting 

rod type, waist type, etc.

If you understand the working principle of a diaphragm coupling, you can understand that the middle stainless steel 

diaphragm is an important part that withstands pressure and provides flexibility compensation, and it is also more 

susceptible to damage.

In order to ensure the normal operation of production equipment, Chengmei Industrial Co., Ltd. recommends that 

users choose appropriate models and perform regular maintenance. If minor cracks are found, they need to be stopped 

and replaced in time to avoid accidental losses.


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