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High-speed drum gear couplings require gear grinding

Our company specializes in providing customers with the design of drum-shaped gear couplings. Currently, we provide 

products for high-end customers to use in high-precision, high-speed, and harsh working conditions. Today I bring 

customers a drum-shaped gear coupling under high-speed operation. The structure and manufacturing process of the 


First of all, let's popularize the situation of drum gear movement. Drum gear couplings are suitable for various 

industries such as smelting, steel rolling, heavy machinery, steam turbines, petrochemical industry, and shipbuilding. It is 

more widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, printing, water pumps, fans, transportation and other mechanical fields. 

Because the external gear sleeve is a drum-shaped tooth, the coupling can avoid angular contact between the internal and 

external teeth during operation, allowing the axis angular displacement of the two axes to be ±1.5°. It can also work reliably 

when the angular displacement is 2~3°. It is generally recommended to allow angular displacement of 1°30'~2°30', and can 

withstand heavy loads and impact loads. Under the same angular  displacement, the load-bearing capacity is 15~20% higher 

than that of spur couplings; the efficiency is high, up to 0.99; It has good sealing performance, reliable use, and convenient 

loading, unloading and maintenance.


The drum gear coupling is a rigid-flexible coupling with the ability to compensate for radial, axial and angular axis 

deviations. Compared with the CL type spur gear coupling, it has a compact structure, small radius of rotation, It has the 

advantages of large load-bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, low noise and long maintenance cycle, and can be 

connected with Y and J1 type shaft extensions. The tooth  spacing is small, the relative radial displacement is allowed to be 

small, the structure is compact, and the moment of inertia is small. It is suitable for nominal torque 400-4500000N.m, 

connecting two horizontal coaxial line shaft system transmissions. Another point is the installation method, drum-shaped 

gear coupling Compared with diaphragm couplings, shaft couplings can be installed vertically, while  diaphragms can only 

be installed horizontally. Based on the above characteristics, drum-shaped gears are now commonly used instead of 

spur-toothed couplings.

Under the condition of high-speed operation, the drum-shaped teeth need to be made of alloy steel as a blank. After a heat 

treatment process, the tooth parameters are processed and the finished product is nitrided. After that, the teeth are ground 

with a small margin to achieve the manufacturing of high-precision products.


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