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Usage occasions of universal coupling

Universal coupling is a product that can connect two axes together. The two axes cannot be separated when 

the machine is running. The two axes can only be separated after the machine is stopped and the connection is 

disassembled. Its structure has large angular compensation capability, compact structure and high transmission 

efficiency. The angle between the two axes of universal couplings of different structural types is different, generally 

between 5° and 45°.

辊道万向联轴器 (13).JPG

The more widely used products are SWC cross-shaft type, ball cage type, ball fork type and other products. 

According to the usage conditions, the characteristics and application occasions of the SWC-BH universal 

coupling are: connecting two shaft system transmissions with different axes. , cannot buffer or dampen vibration, 

adopts an integral fork structure, and does not require bolts for bearing fixation, which avoids loosening and 

breakage of bolts, facilitates maintenance, extends service life, has large load-bearing  capacity and large 

inclination angle, and can be used under the working conditions of β≤5°~25° Work. It is suitable for steel rolling 

machinery, lifting and transportation, engineering machinery and other occasions. Customers are welcome to come 

to customize. The universal couplings produced by Chengmei Industrial Technology are of good quality and fast 



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