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High speed diaphragm couplings for range and proper use

High speed diaphragm coupling manufacturer to introduce you:

Application range of high-speed diaphragm coupling: suitable for motor, gas turbine, gas turbine, expansion machine, rotary engine, blower, generator, testing machine, high-speed pump and other high-speed units, especially suitable for centrifuge, turbine compressor, ship propeller and other power transmission.

The high-speed diaphragm coupling structure makes its left and right center of gravity as close as possible to the supporting bearings of the two sides of the unit, and the additional bending moment of the rotor shaft head is small, which is conducive to high-speed and stable operation. The middle section is connected, the whole coupling is assembled and disassembled, and the whole coupling maintains the dynamic balance even if it is assembled and disassembled several times. The distance between the two flexible bodies (diaphragm) is large, and the misalignment ability of the coupling absorption unit is strong.

High speed diaphragm couplings with high torsional rigidity and sensitivity, high torque load, zero rotation vacancy, oil and corrosion resistance, stainless steel diaphragm absorbs oscillations and compensates for radial, angular and axial faults.


Proper use of diaphragm couplings:

If there is fault in the installation of high-speed diaphragm coupling, the vibration value of the equipment will overspend, especially the high speed equipment, which seriously threatens the normal operation of the equipment. Please use high speed diaphragm coupling peripheral equipment protective cover and other equipment to ensure that products with diaphragms have edges, injuries may be caused, it is recommended to wear thick gloves when the equipment.

For high-speed diaphragm coupling equipment, make adjustments to ensure that the shaft fault is within the allowable value range in the corresponding product catalog. In order to extend the service life of the high-speed diaphragm coupling, it is recommended to set the shaft fault to less than 1/3 of the allowable value. When multiple faults occur together, the corresponding allowable value should be halved. Do not tighten the screws until you have pierced the shaft of the high-speed diaphragm coupling, otherwise it will cause the high-speed diaphragm coupling to deform. When tightening screws, use a torque wrench and do not use screws other than accessories.


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