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Correct usage of diaphragm coupling

Non-standard diaphragm customization manufacturers will introduce to you:

1. The diaphragm coupling consists of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves. The diaphragm is pinned to the bushing and will generally not loosen or cause backlash between the diaphragm and bushing. Some provide two diaphragms, and some provide three diaphragms, with one or two rigid elements in the middle, and the two sides are connected to the shaft sleeve. the

2. The characteristic of the diaphragm coupling is a bit like a bellows coupling. In fact, the way the coupling transmits torque is similar. The diaphragm itself is thin so that it flexes easily when relative displacement loads arise, and thus can tolerate misalignments of up to 1.5 degrees, while producing low bearing loads in the servo system. the

3. Diaphragm couplings are often used in servo systems. Diaphragms have good torque rigidity, but are slightly inferior to bellows couplings. the

4. On the other hand, the diaphragm coupling is very delicate, if it is misused in use or not installed correctly, it will be easily damaged. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the deviation is within the tolerance range of the normal operation of the coupling. the

5. Adjust the model according to the shaft diameter: the initially selected connection size of the bearing coupling, that is, the diameter d of the shaft hole and the length L of the shaft hole, should meet the requirements of the shaft diameter of the driving and driven ends, otherwise it should be adjusted according to the shaft diameter d Coupling specification. It is a common phenomenon that the shaft diameters of the driving and driven ends are different. When the torque and speed are the same, but the shaft diameters of the driving and driven ends are different, the coupling model should be selected according to the large shaft diameter.


Working principle of diaphragm coupling:

Diaphragm couplings rely on the elastic deformation of the diaphragm to compensate the relative displacement of the connected two shafts. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with metal elastic elements. It does not require lubrication, has no rotation gap, and is not affected by temperature and oil. Impact, relatively compact structure, high strength, long service life, and has the characteristics of alkali resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for shaft transmission in high temperature, high speed, and corrosive medium working conditions.

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